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2016-01-13 Views 1904

Skill was awarded with international prize

Four long-distance truck drivers of  UE “Metallurgtrans” – Aleksandr Martinenko, Nikolai Kulakovsky, Dmitry Shreiter and Sergei Sadovodov- were awarded with medals and diplomas of International Automobile Transport Union. More...

2016-01-13 Views 2078

The specialists of BMZ Research Center became prize-winners

The specialists of BMZ Research Center became prize-winners of National Contest  of innovation projects. More...

2016-01-26 Views 4063

Joint Venture BMZ "Manuli Hydraulics Manufacturing Bel" ramps up production

Within the first year of operation JLLC "Manuli Gydraulics Manufacturing Bel", commissioned in Orsha on 10.12.2014, produced 2 860 000 meters of high pressure hoses. Every month production volume is increasing. More...

2016-02-09 Views 1890

BMZ people were awarded Certificates of Honour on the Day of Byelorussian Science

The best representatives of Byelorussian National Academy of Science were recognized at ceremonial meeting devoted to the Day of Byelorussian Science on January 29. Two representatives of Byelorussian Steel Works are among those recognized by the authorities in the run-up to the Day. More...

2016-02-10 Views 4466

BMZ - BelVEB bank: time-tested partnership

Last week BelVEB bank awarded his best clients. They were 14 successful enterprises in the country, reliable strategic partners of the Bank, and OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" (leader in its sector) is among them. Byelorussian Steel Works was presented with the Winner’s Diploma based on the performance of 2015 by Bank BelVEB OJSC in ‘Time-Tested Partnership’ nomination. More...