About BMZ

About BMZ

Structure of BMZ

OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" is a unique enterprise of metallurgical industry in Belarus. It belongs to the category of modern mini-mills of European level. BMZ is property of the state and it is in the registry of high tech enterprises of the country.

February 2017: the enterprise assumed the title of scientific organization based on the evaluation of science-technical and innovation activities of the enterprise. The evaluation was made by the specialists from State Committee on Science and Technology and The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Today the enterprise consists of four main production facilities technologically linked (steel melting, rolling, pipe, steel cord & wire), infrastructure shops and administrative departments.

Two running melting shops ramped up production capacity up to 3 mln. t. of steel/ year by reason of modernization. Presently, melting shop № 1 produces and casts common steel grades, melting shop № 2 produces and casts construction and alloyed steel grades. There are three up-to-date electric arc furnaces (100 t. each) in the melting shops. Refining of steel is strictly controlled by the automation system, which results in production of high quality steel.

Rolling is represented by two shops. Rolling shop № 1 produces large and small rolled product, as well as wire rod. The shop is composed of modernized mill small section mill 320, wire mill 150 and reverse rolling mill 850. Rolling shop №2 (launched in September 2015) has state-of-the-art bar & wire rod rolling mill of total capacity 700.000 t/year having the possibility to increase production up to 1 mln. t/ year.

Pipe production is represented by pipe rolling mill, composed of cone type piercer, 4-stand PQF® mill and stretch-reducing mill for manufacture of mostly OCTG pipes and pipes for machinery sector.  

Steel cord & wire production of Byelorussian Steel Works is represented by three steel wire shops (№ 1 – Micord; № 2 – Pluscord and № 3) and auxiliary packing & dies shop. The products produced in these shops includes: steel cord, bead bronzed wire for car tyres, brass coated wire for reinforcement of high pressure hoses, reinforcing wire, welding wire, spring wire, spoke wire, nail wire, general purpose wire and steel fiber (anchor, wavy and microfiber).