Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery

Buyers from CIS countries looking through catalogues at our web-site have opportunity to make up a request about established price and availability of the product they are interested in and sent it directly to the plant.

Monthly production program is developed up to the 15th day of the months preceding a delivery month and received requests are considered. Therefore a request for the following month shall be sent up to 15th day of the months preceding a delivery.

In such a case your request will be considered till the end of the month. We will inform you about a decision on your order via contact telephone or E-mail, specified in your request.

If your order is accepted a person from Sales Department to CIS will be allocated to work directly with you.

Delivery conditions:

  • 100 % prepayment;
  • minimum ordered volumes:
    • for rolled products – wagon volume;
    • special rolled products - 300 t;
    • wire products – truck volume.

Main/standard delivery conditions:

  • FOB port St. Petersburg;
  • FOB port Rostov;
  • FOB port Novorossiysk;
  • DAP border RB/border of neighboring country;
  • FCA Zhlobin according to INCOTERMS 2010.

Material is delivered by railway or automobile transport and also using multimodal transportation systems.

The Seller can offer other delivery conditions upon a request form a Buyer.

If you are a resident of a country not included to CIS then you shall send on-line request in order to get detailed information on product price and document execution.