Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Open Joint Stock Company “Byelorussian Steel Works – management company of “Byelorussian Metallurgical Company” holding” is an export-oriented and socially responsible enterprise carrying out its business on the basis of generally recognized principles and norms of international law, UN Global Compact, standards and conventions of International labor organization and legislation of the Republic of Belarus:

    1. In the field of human rights:

      1.1 supports and respects protection of internationally proclaimed human rights;
      1.2 recognizes the inviolability of human rights and takes all necessary measures to ensure and protect them;
      1.3 maintains a constant escalation process for timely response by the systems "Direct telephone line", "One window", "Attention to a person", "Reception on personal questions", "Electronic reception of the General Director" etc.

    2. In the field of labor relations:

      2.1 supports freedom of integration and real acceptance of the right to conclude collective agreements;
      2.2 supports complete extermination of children labor;
      2.3 supports liquidation of discrimination in labor and employment sector;
      2.4 supports elimination of any form of harassment, exploitation, abuse or violence;
      2.5 aspires to provide competitive wages;
      2.6 ensures compliance with working conditions, including working hours and overtime hours;
      2.7 creates healthy and safe working conditions

    3. In the field of environment protection:

      3.1 comply with environmental regulations and requirements during product development and manufacture, construction, reconstruction and expansion of production facilities;
      3.2 contributes to the improvement of environmental culture of the staff and education of environmental awareness;
      3.3 develops and implements resource-saving, low-waste, environmentally friendly technologies.

    4. In the field of anti-corruption drive:

      4.1 Withstand to all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

The company builds its relationships with consumers, suppliers, state and public organizations and other interested parties on the basis of the current legislation, as well as the rules of conduct developed by the world community, taking into account universal values.

    Basic ethic principles are as follows:

  1. Business is based on confidence and respect as the basis of constructive interrelation and assistance aimed at gaining of mutual benefit.
  2. The parties involved in the business strive to minimize the costs and environmental impact arising in the course of joint business and to avoid conflicts of interest.
  3. Business partners honestly and consistently fulfill contractual obligations, openly and responsibly carry out corporate management.
  4. All commercial and technical information and operational data received during business relations are confidential and should not be advised to third parties without a business partner’s consent.
  5. Maintaining of social stability and development of the region and its infrastructure, environment protection, paying of taxes and wages in a timely manner.
  6. Punctuality, clear and timely implementation of commitments.
  7. Rational use of own working time and time of interested parties.
  8. Business style of clothing, corresponding to the main purpose of activity to maintain the image of a serious, reliable, stable company and respect for partners and colleagues.

General Director OJSC “BSW-management company of “BMC” holding D.A. Korchik