Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Open Joint Stock Company “Byelorussian Steel Works – management company of “Byelorussian Metallurgical Company” holding” is an export-oriented and socially responsible enterprise doing business in accordance with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact in the field of human rights:

  • supports and respects the protection of human rights, declared at international level;
  • doesn’t disturb human rights;

in the field of labor relations:

  • supports the freedom of integration and real acceptance of the right to conclude collective agreements;
  • supports the liquidation of all forms of forced and obligatory labor;
  • supports complete extermination of children labor;
  • supports the liquidation of discrimination in labor and employment sector;

In the field of environment protection:

  • supports the approach to ecological questions, this approach is based on the precautions principle;
  • undertakes initiatives, directed to the increase of responsibility for environment state;
  • assists the development and spreading of ecologically safe technologies;

in the field of anti-corruption drive:

  • resists all forms of corruption, including exaction and bribery.
  • The plant arranges its relations with customers, suppliers, state and social organizations and other parties concerned on the basis of the laws in force as well as the rules of behaviour worked out by the world society considering universal values and understanding that the plant’s image and success to a great extent depend not only on observation of the law requirements but also ethic norms.

Basic ethic principles are as follows:

  • Business is based on confidence and respect as the basis of constructive interrelation and assistance aimed at gaining of mutual benefit.
  • The amount of responsibility of each business party corresponds to the amount of the rights entitled to the same.
  • Parties exchange experience and information within the scope of their competence, help each other in solving tasks to achieve a better result.
  • Business parties aim at minimization of expenses and environment impact that may arise in the course of joint business.
  • Business partners fulfil contractual obligations sequentially and in good faith, and carry out corporate management openly and responsibly.
  • All disputes and controversies arising between business parties should be resolved amicably by negotiations trying to find mutually acceptable compromise.
  • All commercial and technical information and operational data received during business relations are confidential and should not be advised to third parties without a business partner’s consent.
  • The enterprise contributes to social stability and development of the region in the area of construction of educational, medical, sport establishments, cultural centres, development of infrastructure, beautification of the town, takes care of environment, health of the personnel and labour safety, timely pays taxes and salaries.
  • Professionalism and improvement are conditions for successful fulfillment of obligations to the parties concerned.
  • Polite and proper relations.
  • Initiative and responsibility are means of providing development and competiveness of the enterprise.
  • Interest in and readiness to decide issues.
  • Punctuality, precise and timely fulfillment of the obligations undertaken.
  • Efficient use of own working time and the time of the parties concerned.
  • Business style of dress agreeable to the main purpose of activity in order to maintain the image of serious, reliable, stable company and show respect to partners and co-workers.