Corporative policy

Corporative policy

Corporative policy

OJSC “Byelorussian steel works - management company of “Byelorussian metallurgical company” holding" is a steadily growing and
constantly updated organization that takes into account changes, trends and risks associated with internal and external factors, such as personnel, suppliers and consumers, which affect the ability to achieve the expected results.

Mission - safe and high-tech production of steel products (including automotive and oil and gas industry) in orderto increase the profitability of the enterprise while maintaining the environment and human health, ensuring sustainable development of the enterprise, high standard of living of plant workers and satisfaction of all interested parties.

Strategic goal - become the best supplier of steel products (including steel products for the automotive and oil-and-gas industries) that meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers in all developed segments of the metallurgical products market through the use of progressive energy- efficientand environmentally safe technologies, rational use of resourcesand optimal organization of production processes and management.

Strategy of the company – satisfaction of interests of all interested parties including:

  • output of steel products of required quality, quantity and assortment, rendering services ofthe general designer, customer and developer in the field of design and construction;
  • introduction of advanced technologies for the production of high-tech products;
  • ensuring of sustainable development;
  • maintainingand strengthening positions in developed markets;
  • professional developmentand improving well-being of employees;
  • maintaining health and life of each member ofwork collective;
  • constant reduction of environmental impactin the course of production activities;
  • maintenance and fu rtherdevelopment of corporate management standards.

Commitments to implement Enterprise Mission and Strategy:

  • provision of necessary resourcesand responsibleselection of suppliers;
  • achievement of the target indicators of the company activity;
  • support leadership at all levels ofthe enterprise and escalation processes fortimely response to any events related to the company activities;
  • timely response to constantly changing internal and external factors usingthe P-D-C-A cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act);
  • introduction of modern management approaches to address issues related to internal and external factors that affect the ability to achieve
    expected results;
  • meeting requirements of customers, as well as the requirements of the current legislation (including with regard to personal data
    protection);introduction of advanced energy-efficient technologies in the design, development of production processes, new competitive products in orderto improve product quality, eliminate hazards and reduce risks in production processes, prevention of harmful effects of production factors on personnel, reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, discharges into the water basin, waste generation, consumption of natural and energy resources, improving energy performance;
  • continuous improvement ofthe efficiency and effectiveness of management systems that meet requirements of international standards ISO
    9001 (STB ISO 9001), ISO 14001 (STB ISO 14001), ISO 45001 (STB ISO 45001), ISO 50001 (GOST ISO 50001), ISO 26000, SA 8000, BES 6001+ SCS, ISO 27001 and requirements ofthe automotive and oil-and-gas industry IATF 16949, API spec QI;
  • continuous analysis of risks and opportunities related to enterprise activities and functioning of management systems that may affect safety
    and conformity ofthe productsand services, effectiveness of management systems, ability to improve customersatisfaction and implementation of corresponding actions;
  • continuous analysis of risks associated with production processes and environmental pollution, implementation of corrective actions in
    orderto prevent occurrence of injuries, occupational diseases and accidents in the production process;
  • management of activities in the field of quality, social responsibility, information protection, energy management, finance, occupational
    health and safety, environmental protection in accordance with the requirements of international standards, current legislation and other
    requirements, including those relating to energy efficiency, use and consumption of energy, environmental aspects of activities, products orservices, occupational health and safety hazards;
  • regular monitoring of production and management processes;
  • improving quality of products, ensuring occupational safety and health, protectingthe environment, improving energy efficiency, includingsuppliers, contractorsand customers ofthe enterprise;
  • organization of targeted professional training, creation of optimal conditions for high-quality work, demonstration of personal abilities and
    initiatives of each employee and their interest in ensuringa high level of product quality, rational consumption of raw materials and energy resources;
  • increase of production culture and ensure personal moral and material responsibility for the quality of work performed.

Management ofthe enterprise is interested in sustainable development ofthe company, implementation of Corporate policy and will create necessary conditions to ensure a decent standard of living of employees and confidence in the future.

General Director OJSC “BSW-management company of “BMC” holding” Dmitriy Korchik, 15.02.2024