Corporative policy

Corporative policy

Corporative policy

OJSC “BSW - management company of ’’BMC” holding" is a stable enterprise being constantly developed and modernized in order to correspond to external changes, tendencies and risks.

Mission - manufacturing of high technology steel products (also for automotive industry) in order to increase income of the enterprise and ensure at the same time environment safety and people health, high welfare of the plant employees and satisfaction of all involved parties requirements.

Vision - is to be the best supplier of steel products (also for automotive industry) satisfying demands of domestic and foreign customers in all developed segments of steel market, due to implementation of progressive and environment- friendly technologies, efficient use of resources and optimal organization of production and management processes.

Values - personnel, environment, natural and other types of resources, partners, quality, knowledge, society.

Strategy of the enterprise is directed towards satisfaction of requirements and expectations of all parties interested in:

  • production of steel products of required quality, quantity and range;
  • ensuring continuous development, including development of personnel;
  • maintaining and strengthening positions at the developed sectors of market;
  • increase of plant’s personnel welfare;
  • protection of health and life of each employee;
  • continuous decrease of environmental impact as a result of production activity;
  • maintenance and further development of corporative management standards.

Realization of mission and strategy foresees the following:

  • achievement of preset target indicators of plant activity;
  • timely response to continuous changes of external conditions with implementation of P-D-C-A cycle (Planning – development – check - action);
  • implementation of progressive energy-efficient technologies during designing and development of production processes for new competitive products in order to enhance quality of products, decrease danger and risks in production processes, prevent harmful effect of production factors on personnel, reduce pollutant emissions into atmosphere, discharges to water, waste formation, consumption of natural resources, improvement of energy effectiveness
  • continuous enhancement of efficiency and effectiveness of management system performance meeting the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, ISO 26000 and requirements of automotive and oil & gas industries IATF 16949, API spec Q1, develop and include ‘Financial Management’ as per ISO 10014, ‘Information Security Management System’ as per ISO 27001 into the management system;
  • forecast risks related to the company’s activity;
  • permanent control over risks related to production processes, implementation of preventive and corrective actions aimed to prevent occupational disease and on-the-job accidents;
  • prevention of environment contamination, prevention of injuries and decline of the personnel
  • health during production activities;
  • activities in the field of quality, social responsibility, information security, energy management, finance, occupational health and safety, environment as per international standards, effective law and other requirements including those related to environmental aspects of activity, product or services, dangers in the field of occupational health and safety, energy efficiency, usage and consumption of energy;
  • routine monitoring of production and management processes;
  • enhancement of product quality, provision of occupational safety and health care, environmental safety, enhancement of energy efficiency, including suppliers, contractors and consumers of the enterprise products;
  • performance of purposeful professional training of personnel, creation of optimal conditions for high-class work, demonstration of personal capabilities and initiative of each employee and their interest in maintaining of high quality of product, rational consumption of raw materials, other material and energy resources;
  • improving of corporate culture, personnel moral responsibility and material liability for quality of performed work.

Management of the enterprise is interested in fulfillment of the Corporate policy declared and will create every condition to provide adequate standard of living for its employees and their confidence in the future.