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The winners of the drawing contest “I want to be a metallurgist!” were announced. The BMZ children's corporate calendar for 2023 was decorated with their works

The presentation of the creative project was held at the Metallurgist′s Palace of Culture. The second-former of the twelfth school Lena Kirinovich participated in the competition for the first time. And she won immediately!

Lena Kirinovich, the winner of the drawing contest “I want to be a metallurgist!”:

- I drew my dad who works at the plant as a cable operator. He makes gold strands that are fixed into the wheels of cars. Without this, cars will not be able to go. I drew it in three days. It was very interesting to participate in the competition.


The drawing contest is the initial stage in creating a children's corporate calendar. After selecting the best works, the specialists of the Duplicating Center get involved in.

Svetlana Terentyeva, the graphic designer of the DC:

- Despite the fact that the theme of the calendar is always metallurgy and the plant, the approach to its design is always different. This year we have drawn a very bright and colorful calendar. Each of its pages is filled with light, color and space.