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2016-02-15 Views 2154

BMZ is promoting their product produced in new rolling mill

Long before the rolling mill – 2 was commissioned BMZ had started exploring the markets to sell the product. After production of the first batch of marketable rolled product these exploring activities became more intensive. Three foreign groups (from Germany, France and the USA) audited the enterprise only within the first week of February. More...

2016-02-22 Views 1881

Development of BMZ specialists was awarded by the Ministry of Industry

The project of BMZ specialists ‘Development and launch of production of tubing, used when doing hydraulic fracturing’ was recognized as the best in nomination ‘Machining, foundry, forging and other equipment (including specific process equipment)’. Byelorussian Steel Works again won the award from Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus in the field of science and engineering. More...

2016-02-26 Views 7200

The best workers were celebrated at Byelorussian Steel Works and Rechitsa metizny plant

On February 19, 2016 the solemn prize presentation ceremony “Professional Olymp-2015” was held on. This day the best workers were also celebrated at one of BMC holding enterprises - Rechitsa metizny plant. More...

2016-03-10 Views 7241

Steel Wire Shop-2 of Byelorussian Steel Works celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The third stage of BMZ was called “Pluscord”. The destiny of this complex is amazing. Its startup was held on the year of Soviet Union disintegration. Suddenly, the efficient system fell to the ground,but the Shop could not only hold out but reach international borders. Now the Shop maintains a high level in spite of difficult conditions. More...

2016-03-11 Views 1815

A new light section and wire mill-2 of BMZ reaches its designed capacity

New products were manufactured with putting into operation of Rolling Shop-2: wire rod with different diameter, round bars. It should be noted big diameter round in coils in Garret line.  More...