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2015-06-08 Views 3984

The results of the picture contest I want to be a steel maker’ were summed up at BMZ.

The show of pictures from the contest I want to be a steel maker’ was held on June 1, (International Children’s Day) in the Metallurgist Palace of Culture. The winners were announced officially and the children corporate BMZ calendar 2016 will be composed of their pictures. More...

2015-06-15 Views 1369

BMZ is the winner in Competence 2014 contest

Summarizing the results of annual contest ‘Competence 2014’, Chief metrologist department (Byelorussian Steel Works) became the best in the country in the field of calibration of measuring instruments. The representatives of the company were given winner diploma on June 9, 2015 on International Accreditation Day. More...

2015-06-18 Views 2178

BMZ is among the top three

Summarizing the results of Gomel regional contest “The best organization of ideological work among industrial enterprises” Byelorussian Steel Works was in the top three. The results were announced during the Republican ideological seminar of Gomel region that was held on June 12, 2015. More...

2015-06-30 Views 1358

At BMZ the possible projects will be discussed with companies from Saxony

At Byelorussian Steel Works the International Forum will be held on July 30, 2015. The possibility of cooperation with companies from Saxony will be discussed at the meeting. More...

2015-07-08 Views 3785

Record-breaking number of people visited BMZ Open Day

June 27: Byelorussian Steel Works opened the doors for all comers. The Open Day turned out to be a great occasion for townspeople as well as for guests of Zhlobin. It is safe to say that this year this day is record-breaking for the number of visitors as well as the programme was really rich. More...