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Record-breaking number of people visited BMZ Open Day

June 27: Byelorussian Steel Works opened the doors for all comers. The Open Day turned out to be a great occasion for townspeople as well as for guests of Zhlobin. It is safe to say that this year this day is record-breaking for the number of visitors as well as the programme was really rich.

‘Vacancy Fair’ started even before the official opening of the event. Any visitor could get reliable information and consultation on employment from the head of personnel dpt. A.I.Rozhkov. That day more than 300 people approached A.I. Rozhkov.

A great number of people decided on a tour at BMZ. Three buses were practically always in motion, i.e. they made 15 trips and as a result more than 700 guests saw the plant!

The adults and children were struck by the exhibition ‘Giant Vehicles’ arranged by Process-Related Motor Transport Dpt. The special vehicles used at the plant were presented.

Having studied the vehicles, the visitors moved to see the creative works of steel-makers, i.e. ‘Street Art’ exhibition was on in the assembly hall of administration building № 2. More than 60 exhibits of different techniques were displayed: willow weaving, knitting, painting, sculpture, woodcarving, etc.

‘Professional skills’ contest became the culmination of the event. The audience saw splendid  performance. Thus, the drivers of fork-lifters laid the table and built the pyramid! Taking into account dexterity, as well as the results of examination of theory, the jury identified the winners.

The visitors learnt what are the products of BMZ, they learnt what are the key events in the history of the plant and they saw the paintings made by artist L.P.Velichko.

The exhibits of finished product and consumer goods were also of interest to the visitors.

Little visitors took the opportunity to make pictures at bright photo stand-ins.

Nearby, all the comers had possibility to try on BMZ workwear. Stand with working clothes was very popular among children and adults.

Master class ‘Young Painter’ was given in the arbour nearby. Pleased and happy children took selfies so that to participate in the ‘The Most Original Picture’ contest!

We cannot but mention entertainment arranged by the people from the Metallurgist Palace of Culture for all the guests who visited The Open Day, as well as good job made by catering services.


Byelorussian Steel Works – is the huge world. The world filled with creative labour, beauty, creativity and talent. It is worth seeing. See you next time!