Wire rod

Wire rod

Carbon steel of improved quality to be converted into wire Carbon steel of improved quality to be converted into wire
Ø 5,5; 6,0; 6,5; 7,0; 8,0; 9,0; 10,0; 11,0; 11,5; 12,0; 12,5; 14,0; 15,0; 16,0; 17,0; 18,0; 18,5; 19,0; 20,0; 22,0 mm
Steel grade:
1006-1018, 1010 mod, 1018 mod
TU BY 400074854.044-2014

Steel grade Tensile strength δB, N/mm2 (kgf/mm2) Yield strength δt, H/mm2 Relative elongation δ, %, no less
1008 no less 460 - -
1010 no less 500 - -
1018 460-540 310-380 30

In coils with single banding by steel strap 0,8-1,0х32 mm or by wire rod 8.0 mm in 4 places min. equally distributed over coil. Outer diameter of a coil –1300 mm max., inner diameter – 820 mm min.

Option 1 – coil weight 1400-1800 kg.
Option 2 – coil weight 1800-2500 kg.

In the rolling mill line there is a system of technical control "HiTEST" for linear determination of surface defects on the rolling material without physical contact with the material. The "HiTEST" system is specially designed to detect surface defects of the rolling material: cracks, bubbles, voids, scale residues and exfoliation.

To monitor production processes and evaluate the quality of finished products, there are laboratories that conduct physical, mechanical, chemical and metallographic tests. The CPL laboratories are accredited for technical competence in the main activities in accordance with the requirements of the national standard STB / ISO IEC 17025 and the standard DIN EN ISO 17025:2005.

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