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2019-11-25 Views 323

BSW employees earned two silver medals on WorldSkillsHi-Tech 2019

The Second Open Eurasian Championship within the frame of WorldSkillsHi-Tech2019, which was held in Yekaterinburg, was successful for the Belarusian team. Representatives of Belarus competed in three professions - “Laboratory and Chemical Analysis”, “Labor Protection”, “BIM design technologies”, and won silver medals in each of them. It is gratifying that employees of OJSC "BSW - management company of"BMC" holding" defended thehonour of the country in two of the three competences. More...

2019-11-26 Views 462

BMZ brought annual agreements and awards from “Metal-Expo’2019”

At “Metal-Expo'2019” International Industrial Exhibition, which recently took place in Moscow, “Byelorussian steel works - management company of “Byelorussian metallurgical company” hоlding” signed agreements on the supply of metal products worth about $ 40 million, and also won awards in competitions for the best video products “Metal –Vision'2019” as well as for the publication among metallurgical companies and research organizations. The company was awarded the Cup for "Best Exposition" and the diploma "For high professional organization of products and services promotion”. More...

2019-11-27 Views 484

BMZ signed major agreements in Austria

In the framework of the Belarusian-Austrian business forum, “BMZ OJSC - managing company of “BMK Holding”” signed with Austrian partners major agreements on export deliveries for 2020. We are talking about the sale of more than 270 thousand tons of metal products worth about 100 million euros. More...

2019-11-28 Views 456

BSW calibration laboratory is the first in the country accredited for compliance with the new standard

Calibration laboratory (from chief metrologist dpt. at OJSC ‘BSW— management company of ‘BMC’ holding’) is the first in the country accredited for compliance with with GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019, which became effective in Belarus in October this year. More...

2019-12-10 Views 354

Partners of BSW contributed more than 31 000 euros for implementation of social project in Zhlobin

Such a gift was given to metallurgists as part of celebration of plant’s 35th anniversary by companies collaborating with BSW, management company of BMC holding. The allocated funds were appropriated for implementation of project for arrangement of workout sports ground in Zhlobin. More...