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2012-09-11 Views 2166

Best building product of 2012

Steel fiber for concrete reinforcement (anchor, wavy, microfiber) according to DIN EN 14889 and nonprestressed reinforcing bars for reinforced concrete structures class S500, hot-rolled bundles Æ 10-32 mm according to STB 1704 produced by BSW are named the “Best building product of 2012” based on the results of professional tournament. Diplomas evidencing this title were handed over to the plant September 3. More...

2012-10-05 Views 2204

Audit of VTT company (Finland)

In the period from 24.09.2012 till 26.09.2012 the representative of “VTT” company (Finland) certification body conducted an inspection audit for confirmation of Certificates of conformity for production of hot rolled reinforced bars A500HW and A700HW on demands of Finnish standards SFS 1201, 1202, 1215, 1216 and special regulations TR 361. More...

2012-10-19 Views 2182

Customer audit

During 02.10.2012 till 05.10.2012 Michelin representatives carried out an audit of the production process of 2+7x0,28 NF 32/AS 50034 steel cord. More...

2012-11-12 Views 2581

Byelorussian Steel Works introduced a corporative social report for 2011 to a public.

In October, 31 Open Joint-Stock Company “Byelorussian Steel Works – management company of “BMC” holding” introduced a corporative social report for 2011 to a public. The document is made in “G3” format of reporting manual in the sphere of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) sustainable development. More...

2012-11-19 Views 2343

Subjects of commodity distribution network of BSW summarized results of their work for 9 months of the year 2012

Sales of products by subjects of OJSC «BSW — management company of «BMC» holding» commodity distribution network for 9 months of the year 2012 in value terms constituted 62,7% (in 2011 — 55, 4%). Mentioned values were stated at meeting with subjects of commodity distribution network, which has recently been held at BSW. More...