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2017-07-19 Views 7852

The staff of Rolling Plant-2 produced the millionth t of steel products

The staff of Rolling Plant-2 (team -2) reached an important production result - one million of steel products since the first output. The wire rod became an anniversary consignment that will be delivered to Close Joint-stock Company “Litnaglis”(Lithuania). It is notable that this event was held on July 16, 2017 – the professional Metallurgists’ Day.  More...

2017-07-28 Views 7263

EcoVadis included BMZ into TOP-5% of performers

Corporate Social Responsibility of Byelorussian Steel Works was rated high by the experts on EcoVadis CSR monitoring platform. According to the web-site of this world-known organization, BMZ has been rated as ‘Golden recognition’, that’s why the enterprise was included into top-5% performers, being evaluated by EcoVadis. More...

2017-09-07 Views 5384

The first million of hot-rolled tubes was produced at BMZ

On August 30, 2017 the Pipe Rolling Shop of BMZ has produced its first millionth tonne of hot-rolled tubes. The anniversary products (pipes for oil and gas pipelines) will be delivered to an American customer in the near future. More...

2017-09-07 Views 2314

50 million t of Byelorussian steel were produced!

On September 4, 2017 Byelorussian Steel Works has reached a significant production result – the 50-millionth tonne of steel has been smelted. The steel that has been produced for 33 years in Zhlobin would be enough to manufacture 6849 Eiffel Towers or 833 163-storey skyscrapers “Burj Khalifa”. In order to provide transportation of such steel volume 111 111 BELAZ mining dump trucks of heavy-duty with 450t load capacity would be needed, the 1 655 km long chain would be lined up from these trucks that makes the distance from BMZ to Amsterdam. More...

2017-09-07 Views 2094

The Wire Plants of BMZ reached a new production result

The Zhlobin metallurgists have reached one more significant production result: the solemn shipment of 1 700 000 t of steel cord was held on September, 2017. Just such volume of advanced technology products was produced by BMZ Wire Plants since their output (Wire Plant-1 – 1987, Wire Plant-2 - 1991 ). More...