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2010-10-04 Views 1999

Audits at BMZ

During 06.09.2010 to 09.09.2010 representatives of ICECON S A, a certification organization from Roumania, carried out an inspection audit to confirm correspondence of section reinforcing bars to the requirements of the technical approval No. АT 016-01/183-2009 More...

2010-10-25 Views 2246

Sky above Zhlobin will be clearer

The other day Byelorussian Steel Works entered into a contract with Water Group, Finland, for revamping of the dedusting system. More...

2010-11-02 Views 1896

Reinforcing bars according Finnish standards

At the end of September the audit on confirmation of Conformance of reinforcing bars production to the requirements of SFS 1201, 1202, 1215, 1216 standards and to special rules TR 361 was carried out at Byelorussian Steel Works . More...

2010-11-02 Views 1878

Venezuela - BMZ

Mutually beneficial cooperation between our republic and far Venezuela is accelerating. It is clearly seen due to development of partnership relations of the flagship of Byelorussian steel making with the producers of the friendly country . More...

2010-11-09 Views 1893

Venezuela intends to expand cooperation with BMZ

A delegation from Venezuela headed by the deputy minister of science, technologies and medium industry Karloc Faria visited Byelorussian Steel Works. The main aim of this visit of the South-American guests was discussion of directions of further mutually advantageous cooperation. More...