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2013-09-18 Views 2553

The best building product of 2013 is produced by BSW

Reinforcing rolled material, welded, die-rolled, В500Сmm class, for concrete reinforcement produced by BSW is considered to be the best building product of 2013. More...

2013-10-08 Views 2279

BSW presented its products at international exhibition «Katowice-2013»

   Byelorussian Steel Works along with other metallurgical enterprises of mineral resource industry participated in international exhibition «Katowice-2013» that was held from September 10 to 13 in Katowice, Poland. 406 companies participated in the exhibition. Mentioned number of companies was able to present their products in a concert-exhibition complex «Spodek». Last places in the concert-exhibition complex for participation in the exhibition «Katowice-2013» were sold out a year before the beginning of the exhibition. More...

2013-11-09 Views 1481

Steel blooms of BSW were approved by Lucchini for production of rails

     At the end of October trial batch of blooms from Byelorussian Steel Works designated for production of rails was approved at one of the enterprises of Lucchini in Italy. In perspective volume of supplied material to that company can reach 50 thousand tons per year. More...