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2022-02-14 Views 11587

The results of EXPO 2020: contracts for the total amount over $100 million were signed

In February 2022, the days of Gomel Region were held at the national exhibition hall of Belarus at EXPO 2020. Our delegation was headed by Deputy Chairman of Gomel Regional Executive Committee Andrey Konyushko and interests of BSW were represented by General Director Dmitry Korchik


2022-03-03 Views 11863

Result of the meeting of supervisory board of OJSC “Byelorussian Steel Works – management company of “Byelorussian Metallurgic Company” holding”

The meeting of Supervisory Board ofOpen Joint-Stock Company "Byelorussian Steel Works - management company of "Byelorussian Metallurgical Company" holding", chaired by the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus Pyotr Parkhomchik, was held on February 17, 2022, where the results of organization's work in 2021 were considered and tasks for 2022 were determined.


2022-03-03 Views 14270

Hockey players visited steelmakers!

Hockey players from Metallurg Zhlobin visited the plant (BSW) before the decisive playoff matches, where they not only saw how steelmakers work, but even played "fiery" hockey!


2022-05-04 Views 12036

BSW supported environmental project of Zincum LLC (USM Holding)

OJSC “Byelorussian Steel Works” and “Zincum” LLC (USM holding) signed a long-term contract for supply of 500 thousand tons of dust from gas-cleaning units of electric steelmaking production of BSW in order to ensure environmentally responsible disposal of dust in Kursk region and include resulting processed products in the closed-cycle economy.


2022-05-30 Views 11945

Business forum "Production and consumption of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the Republic of Belarus"

The Belarusian-Russian business forum "Production and consumption of ferrous and non-ferrous metals" is being held in the Gomel region. More than 150 representatives of business circles, including leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel products from Russia, got acquainted today with the production base of BSW. The main focus is on high-margin products: pipe and steel wire production.