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2009-02-16 Views 3878

Byelorussian Steel Works approved the plan for steel cord and wire production capacity increase on February 16, 2009

Byelorussian Steel Works approved the plan for steel cord and wire production development for the current year. More...

2009-02-20 Views 2336

Byelorussian Steel Works approved schedule of wire production facilities expansion.

Schedule of wire production facilities expansion for the current year was approved at Byelorussian Steel Works. According to scheduled actions during the year it is supposed to expand plant facilities intended for production of cold deformed rebars, metal ware for general mechanical rubber goods and steel fiber. More...

2009-06-03 Views 2427

According to the results of the first fourth months 2009 RUE BMZ increased wire products production by 0,4%

Wire products production at RUE “ Byelorussian Steel Works “ ( RUE BMZ ) over period of the first four months of 2009 was increased by 0,4% (as compared with the similar period of 2008 ) and came to 103,391 thousand tons. More...

2009-07-23 Views 2706

Byelorussian Steel Works began to get money from waste material

Fiber shop was opened here. Production of this shop will be used as concrete filler. Pieces of wire – precious export goods. As National Television informs, income of the first fiber shop in Republic, which produces concrete filler, may be more 300 000 dollars per month. More...

2009-07-29 Views 2697

BMZ received an estimation

European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) assigned RUE "Byelorussian Steel Works" level «Recognition for excellence - 5 stars «on the basis of results of annual tournament "Excellence award". Quality Director of an enterprise Elena Peretyagina communicated this information to reporter BELTA. More...