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2010-01-12 Views 2306

Extension of the term of tender

Dear Sirs,Pay your attention to extention of the term of tender offer till 1 March 2010 for project implementation "Plant construction for steel sheet production" More...

2010-02-02 Views 2460

New production at BMZ

Byelorussian Steel Works became the first and the only manufacture of zinc-coated wire in the Republic of Belarus. More...

2010-02-09 Views 2563

Health @t work

Byelorussian steel works, on invitation of Byelorussian Red Cross Society, became one of the first participants of information preventive program “Health @t work” (within the bounds of Byelorussian Red Cross Society project “HIV prevention in the labour sphere”), started in Belarus. More...

2010-03-02 Views 2774

BMZ Certificates

In February 2010, RUE “BMZ” got a Certificate of conformity for getting right to apply the marking CE on steel anchor More...

2010-03-17 Views 2529

New product markets development

To the end of March, one more segment of market will become accessible for pipe production of RUE “BMZ”. A contract for pipe production of oil assortment for Venezuela was concluded. More...