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2013-05-20 Views 1756

Audit of customer

From 15.05.2013 till 17.05.2013 TVFA TU Graz representatives (Austria) carried out an audit of the production process of reinforcing steel grade B550В More...

2013-06-07 Views 2106


In accordance with the procedure of supplier assessment of the Private Joint-Stock Company “Rosava” and based on the results of 2012 the plant was rated as an “EXCELLENT SUPPLIER”. Purchasing and logistics director of PJSC”ROSAVA” points out that “partnership with suppliers of such a high level guarantees a success of our enterprise and in its turn obliges us to support the status of a reliable and competitive producer”. More...

2013-06-11 Views 1839

Michelin assessment

Based on the results of expert assessment of EcoVadis (Michelin), BSW achievements in the social and environmental area in 2012 exceeded the level set forth by Michelin for the members of the supply chain. More...

2013-06-27 Views 1762

BSW develop cooperation with Chinese building companies

Talks with representatives of Chinese Engineering Corporation CAMC were held at Byelorussian Steel Works and an agreement was reached to sign a delivery contract for reinforcing material and crushed slag delivery in 2013. 6000 tons of rebar and over 100 thousand tons of crushed slag are to be supplied according to the agreement. More...

2013-07-08 Views 1969

Audits at BMZ

25.06.2013 A representative of the certification organization KIWA (Holland) carried out an inspection audit to confirm the conformance of the production of cold-deformed reinforcing wire grade B500A to the requirements of BRL 0501-2010 and NEN 6008-2008. More...