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BMZ has expanded the export geography to 118 countries

According to the operational results of the four months of 2018 OJSC "BSW —management company "BMC" holding” exported products for more than $384 million, an increase is 36 % by the same period of 2017. In total, more than 596 thousand tons of steel products were shipped to foreign consumers. More...

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BMZ began the production on the restored bead wire unit

At Steel Wire Shop-1 the unit for the bead wire production-2 restored its work after the incident in November 2017: the equipment testing started with the release of marketable products. More...

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The steel melting production of BMZ started to work in a regular mode

On March 22 at 7.38 the arc-furnace-1 (EAF-1) started to work. Thus, at present the steel melting production of OJSC "BSW —management company "BMC" holding” works in normal mode by three furnaces. More...

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At BMZ the Collective Agreement was concluded for 2018-2021

On March 16, 2018 the reporting conference of the primary Trade Union Organization of OJSC "BSW —management company "BMC" holding” was carried out, which summed up the results of work in 2017 and adopted a Collective Agreement for 2018-2021 More...