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Byelorussian Steel Works makes the presentation of two corporative calendars for 2016

Over 6 years Byelorussian Steel Works presents traditionally two corporate calendars -one with children's pictures, another with women workers' photos . The corporate calendars were printed in limited edition and will be distributed among business partners of Byelorussian Steel Works. Their presentation was held on December 18, 2015 at Palace of Culture of Metallurgists.   

From women workers to models

This year the «adult» calendar was completely made by BMZ workers. Previously the workers could be only models, now they could perform the duties of designer, photographer, stylist and makeup artist. For this purpose the special creative team was created. Its key goal was not only the products demonstration, but the presentation of the main metallurgists’ pride – a new Rolling Mill. One of the most scale projects in the BMZ history was completed this year. Just at Rolling Mill-2 all photographic works were carried out.

The first stage of calendar creation was  the  model casting among women workers and students of Zhlobin Metallurgical College. 15 young women took part in photo sessions. It should be noted, that their participation was not commercial.

After casting Kristina Tchernousova and Katerina Usova, BMZ designers, started to create the image of young women. For this purpose the BMZ working clothes were altered.

As Kristina Tchernousova said, the main workload was the responsibility of future models. The work was successfully completed thanks to well co-ordinated activity of all team. At the same time  the photographers Mihail Dimnikov, Maksim Usik, Daniil Kasianenko looked for the photo session places.

It should be noted that the photography was carried out  during the intensive commissioning of equipment.

The work was successfully completed thanks to well co-ordinated activity of all team.

The photography was carried out during the first testing of production line (photo 30). The photography works lasted one month. After that the creation team began to retouch the calendar pages.

-          We tried to use the minimum photoshop because we would like to show the real young women  that work at BMZ, their beauty and attractiveness, - said Kristina Tchernousova, calendar designer.

BMZ in the eyes of children

Every year BMZ publishes  in two calendars. The children's calendar “I would like to be a metallurgist” is created as results of picture contest of the same name. This year more than 100 children aged from 4 to 13 took part in it. The little painters ( most of which are the workers' children) represented the enterprise, technological processes and workers.

The exhibition of pictures was carried out in the eve of International Day for Children Protection.

The winners were announced and all participants were awarded with diplomas and presents.

Just these pictures were placed in calendar pages. It should be noted, that this project is not commercial.

Its goal is to increase the rising generation's interest in metallurgy and enterprise where their parents and grandparents work .