Veiws 1447

Steel melting furnaces started to work 2 days earlier than was planned

Byelorussian Steel Works finished to replace the network at Steel melting Shops ahead of time that allowed to start up two electric arc furnaces and produced about 8,7 thousand tonnes of steel additionally.

On October 16 the processing equipment of main Shops was stopped for planned gas  pipeline replacement at the facility “Increase of production efficiency of out-of-  furnace steel processing”. The specialists were to connect new pipelines of main gas mediums that provide the work of Steel melting Shop-1,2, Rolling Mill, Tube Rolling Mill and other facilities. 8 days were given for this according to schedule. The planned works for network replacement were finished on a tight timetable thanks to a well co-ordinated and efficient work of contractors and specialists of Byelorussian Steel Works. On October 21 at 15.30 o’clock the Electric arc furnace-1 started to work, the next day  - the furnace-2.

The  increase of production efficiency of out-of-  furnace steel processing is an important facility of current five-year plan. The project will become the final stage of production modernization at BMZ. At a new area of out-of-furnace steel processing  there will be installed: two ladle-furnaces, one vacuum degasser and related infrastructure: substation, compressor plant, ventilating plants, hydraulic aggregates, vacuum drying unit,  ladle lining stand and etc. between two Steel  Melting Shops.

After the commissioning of all capacities it will be possible to increase the steel melting volume up to 3 million tonnes per year, in order to provide all facilities of BMZ, including a new Rolling Mill-2, with high quality steel.