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The annual ceremony "Professional Olympus" was carried out at BMZ

New names were chronicled in BMZ history. The annual ceremony "Professional Olympus"  was carried out in February 17, 2014 where the awards were presented to the best workers who proved by their work that Byelorussian Steel Works is a national heritage of our country.

This year the ceremony was carried before a great event – the 30th  anniversary of Byelorussian Steel Works, this fact made the festive occasion more important. New heroes (in 18 nominations) walk up to “Olympus” of professional glory. These people got high results in their work and increased a good reputation of BMZ


General Director of Byelorussian Steel Works Anatoly Savenok was traditionallyentitled to announce winners. Prior to announce the winner, he addressed toplant workers. The manager noted that  2013 was an easy year for BMZ.  A difficult  situation on world steel marketson  the one hand and the biggest modernization in  BMZ historyon the other hand demanded from the staff to be completely devoted to their work.

- We had to work with zeal every day reaching our targets. That why, these overcome difficulties and thecompleted tasks make important these awards today, - said A.Savenok. -, Our most sincere and grateful words and a high raise are for working collectives and some specialists which names will be heard from the stage, the nominees and the winners today.