Veiws 2680

The impact resistance of seamless pipes produced at BMZ six times higher the value required as per European Standard.

This result was obtained during the testing of pipes carried out jointly with TUV NORD Systems GmbH & Co. In compliance with the information obtained from Central Laboratory of RUE “Byelorussian Steel Works” by correspondent of BELTA the resistance value of Byelorussian pipes after the heat treatment is 170 J while the minimal permissible value indicated in the standard is 27 J.

The certification inspection was carried out to confirm the compliance of hot rolled seamless pipes with the requirements of European standards. It allows export of pipes in Germany and other countries. The tests were carried out using the up-to-date high-precision equipment. In particular, the optical measuring device of German company ZWIK purchased in the last year was used for notch radius measurement. This device allows to determine even micron deviations of pipe geometry.

In the nearest future the visit of API (American Petroleum Institute) inspectors is expected to BMZ to confirm the compliance of Quality Management System with the requirements of API Q1 standard. The successful inspection will provide an opportunity of production as per international standards API 5L, API 5СТ and supply Byelorussian pipes for export, including USA. The subsequent step is the obtaining of quality certificates for South-East Asia and Middle East.

The Pipe Rolling Mill was put into operation at Byelorussian Steel Works in July, 2007. Its capacity is about 250 thou. tons per year. It is intended that 70% of produced pipes will be exported.Republican Unitary Enterprise “Byelorussian Steel Works” is an export-oriented plant. Its products are supplied to 60 countries worldwide. The volume of export exceeds 87% of aggregate output. The plant specializes in production of concast billets, seamless pipes, round billets and reinforcing bars, tire steel cord, bead wire and hose wire. The number of employees is 13 thousand.