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BSW presented its products at international exhibition «Katowice-2013»

   Byelorussian Steel Works along with other metallurgical enterprises of mineral resource industry participated in international exhibition «Katowice-2013» that was held from September 10 to 13 in Katowice, Poland. 406 companies participated in the exhibition. Mentioned number of companies was able to present their products in a concert-exhibition complex «Spodek». Last places in the concert-exhibition complex for participation in the exhibition «Katowice-2013» were sold out a year before the beginning of the exhibition.

During mentioned above period of time Katowice gathered representatives of mineral resource industry and metallurgical branch from 17 countries: Poland, France, Georgia, Ghana, the Ukraine, Russia, China, India, Turkey, Iran and others. The biggest number of participants came from Great Britain, Germany, Republic of South Africa, Check Republic and Slovakia. Our country was represented by joint display booth of BSW and BMZ Polska. More than 28 thousand of people visited the exhibition; among them were technical specialists of 22 countries. It is necessary to mention such honorable guest of the exhibition as Prime minister of Poland - Donald Tusk. He visited booth of BSW (on the picture in the middle) and noticed wide range of products and possibilities of Byelorussian enterprise. Prime minister mentioned that Poland continues to make investments into development of its own mineral source industry and at the exhibition companies from all over the world offered complex solutions for industry development.

   Decision about participation of BSW in the exhibition «Katowice-2013» was not an accidental decision. The plant always tends to be as close to the customer as possible — not only form geographical point of view but also aims to satisfy its expectations concerning quality, product mix and rendered services. Specialized exhibitions give opportunity to realize mentioned targets and expand cooperation with long-term business partners and find new ones.  During the exhibition «Katowice-2013» were arranged meetings with leading Polish manufacturers of machinery and equipment (groups Famur, Kopex, Glinik), manufacturers of different pipelines, components, constructions for mines, gas and water-monitoring equipment, distributors and designers of mining technologies. Several orders for rounds and pipes were received, tender offer prepared and specifications for materials were discussed in order to receive approval for supplies to the enterprises of the concern Daimler AG. During meetings customers noticed high quality of BSW goods and in-time delivery.  


   Company «BMZ Polska» is a representative office of Byelorussian Steel Works in Poland, Check Republic and Slovakia and acts as distributor of BSW concast billets and hot-rolled product in the region.  Office of the company is located in Katowice — the center of metallurgical and mineral source industry in Poland, industrial hear of the country with population around 2,7 mio people. At the moment the company has three warehouses and offers 1800 t of pipes and about 900 t of rounds manufactured at BSW.