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Organizations of “Byelorussian metallurgical company” holding and representatives of medium and small businesses have reserves for cooperation on import substitution and development of cooperative ties

Speaking at the dialogue platform of manufacturers and entrepreneurs in Gomel, Dmitry Korchik, General Director of BSW, noted:

“Today, in the conditions of sanctions pressure, it is very important to maintain stable, efficient work. Due attention should be paid to import substitution, establishment and development of cooperative ties. Taking into account logistics and financial calculations, we offer our colleagues - small and medium-sized businesses - to look at and try to organize production of import-substituting products for BSW in our country. This is about 79 positions.”

Among the key import items are raw materials, equipment, materials, spare parts and components. Thanks to the work carried out in recent months, BSW has found alternative suppliers for a number of positions, including suppliers from Russian Federation and China.

Topic of import substitution and cooperative relations is relevant in general for “Byelorussian Metallurgical Company” holding.