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BSW invested more than 4 mln BYN in labor protection in 2020

OJSC “BSW — management company of “BMC” holding” invested in 2020 more than 4 million BYN in ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for its employees, which is 11% higher than in 2019.

More than 75% of financial resources allocated by the enterprise were spent for the purchase of overalls and other personal protective equipment, medical examinations and provision of medicines, as well as implementation of measures to improve and ensure safe working conditions for the plant employees. Remaining part of labor protection costs was spent on providing employees with milk (equivalent food products), washing and decontaminating agents, as well as on washing of work clothes and conducting examination of workplaces.

If we talk specifically about improving working conditions, then in 2020, 59 relevant measures were implemented at BSW. They cover 21 factory divisions and were aimed at both providing additional safety and improving living conditions. For example, in Section rolling shop № 2 were installed protective mesh frames on transition bridges, in Power equipment repair shop was installed a local hood on the site of metalworking machines, in other divisions, saturators and refrigerators in the food reception rooms were replaced. In general implemented measures allowed to improve working conditions and to reduce risk of injury in the workplace for 2,840 factory employees.