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BMZ export shipments in 2021 were opened by Spain

The first batch of steel products, which OJSC “BMZ” – managing company of “BMK” holding” shipped for export on January 1, 2021, will be delivered to Spain. A batch of round rolled products intended for the automotive industry was sent to a consumer from the city of Biscaya.

The starting export batch in 2021 was produced in SPC-2 (Rolling shop-2). In the first hours of the new year, rebar was being shipped also to Israel. As for Spain, BMZ started its stable deliveries of rolled structures to this country just last year. In 2021, working in this market will be continued.

According to operational data, in 2020 BMZ exported almost 2 million tons of steel products to 53 countries. In January-December, according to operational data, BMZ sold over 180 thousand tons of rolled structures with diameters from 20 to 160 mm abroad. The growth by 2019 has exceeded 125 percent.