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"Beauty is ageless": BSW releases a new calendar

OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding” has issued a corporate calendar for 2021. Traditionally, the publication pages are decorated with photographs of the company's employees.

BSW has issued a corporate calendar with photographs of its employees for 11 times. More than 100 company’s female workers have already been able to try themselves as models. Over the past years, various ideas have been implemented for the publications, in particular girls posed in production shops, represented various professions, acted as canvases for projections of manufacturing processes, and were portrayed as revived steel sculptures. The title concept of the 2021 calendar is the famous quote of Marilyn Monroe: "Beauty and femininity are ageless". The photographer captured the company’s female workers in such a way that colleagues do not see them in their everyday work bustle: romantic, loving, playful, sensual and attractive. That is why there is no equipment, products or company landscapes in the frame. The new calendar, like all women, is meant to inspire.

The BSW corporate calendar is issued in a limited edition and distributed among the company’s business partners. This year will be no exception. By the way, some of them have already appreciated the publication at the international exhibition Metal-Expo'2020 held in Moscow.

Along with the women's calendar, the Byelorussian Steel Works annually issues a publication decorated with children's drawings. It will also be presented to the public in December this year.

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