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BSW was awarded two diplomas of the Association of foundry men and metallurgists of Belarus

OJSC “BSW — management company of “BMC” holding” received  two awards at the 28th International scientific and technical conference “Foundry and metallurgy 2020” held in Minsk on November 25-27. Belarus”. The winner of the Association of foundry men and metallurgists (ALiM) award for 2020 (Professor D. I. Kukui award) in the category “Best research and production work of a young engineer” became a team of authors - employees of BSW. The company is also recognized as a leader in the category “Best innovative project”.

In the nomination “Best research and production work of a young engineer” a Diploma of prize winner ALiM was granted to the team of authors, experts of BSW consisting of Deputy Head of Technical Board Vyacheslav Puteev, leading process-engineer ESMS-2 Ilya Pivtsaev, process-engineer of rolling division of Technical Board Alexey Shcheglov and leading process-engineer of rolling division of Technical Board Leonid Sevastyanov. They presented newly developed technology of melting, out-of-furnace treatment, casting and rolling of pipe steel grades manufactured acc. to AISI 4130 mod-3, 30XMA, 4130, meeting increased requirements to the purity of steel, special requirements for mechanical properties, geometric parameters and quality of inner and outer surface of the pipe, thus ensuring high operational properties of pipes used in development of new oil fields in North America and Russian Federation.

In the nomination “Best innovative project implemented in the foundry and metallurgical industries, aimed at improving product quality, energy and resource saving” of ALiM competition was awarded to the project “Expansion of the range of steels grades at OJSC “BSW” - management company of “BMC” holding”. Methods of out-of-furnace treatment of steel in steelmaking, features of production of low-carbon alloyed steel grades”.

This year ISTC “Foundry and metallurgy 2020. Belarus” for the first time was held in offline and online modes and brought together representatives from 14 countries. The conference program, in addition to plenary session, included sections “Foundry production” and “Metallurgy and materials science”, as well as a round table. Within the framework of the round table, Sergey Terletsky, Deputy General Director for technology and quality of BSW, presented to the participants achievements of Byelorussian Steel Works in the field of production and application of steel for automotive industry based on standards STB ISO 683-1, STB ISO 683-2, STB ISO 683-3, STB EN 10025-2, ISO 683-17.

The work of the section “Metallurgy and materials science” was also fruitful for the factory employees: out of 26 reports presented at it, 13 were prepared by BSW employees. The topics of the presentations were different — from the expansion of steel grades range to use of ultrasonic testing for evaluation of macroscopic purity of metal. All of them were included to materials of the conference.

It should be noted that OJSC “BSW - management company of “BMC” holding” is one of the founders of the Association of foundry men and metallurgists of Belarus, and General Director D. A. Korchik is the Chairman of ALiM.