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The Laureates of the Youth Award Were Named at BMZ

On October 9, in the Cultural Center of Metallurgists, an annual youth ball was held for the employees of OJSC “BMZ” - the managing company of the “BMK” holding. The names of the winners of the BMZ Youth Prize-2020 were announced in the course of ceremony. The awarding ceremony was divided into three nominations: "To the Steel Heights", "Breakthrough of the Year" and "the Energy of Victories".

That evening, 30 representatives of various professions and divisions of the enterprise walked along the red carpet, those, who clearly showed themselves in the production and social life of the enterprise. Among the Laureates there are control station operators, technologists, foremen, engineers, and others. Each of them has earned recognition in the team.
The ceremony began with the presentation of awards in the category "To the Steel Heights". Congratulating the young employees who have distinguished themselves in the production sphere, Deputy General Director for Personnel and Ideological Work , Andrey Kulakovsky thanked them for their work and wished the most important - health, as well as warmth, kindness, comfort and new professional achievements.
In the category "Breakthrough of the Year" were awarded the workers, who showed themselves in scientific and technical activities. “Each of you, - said the head of the Department of Information, Ideology and Personnel Development, Alexander Malobitsky, - is a leader. Let the youth ball become the starting point, the beginning of a great professional path. "
"The Energy of Victories" nomination was the final one in the awards ceremony. The leaders in the social, cultural and sports life of the plant were marked. The certificates to the laureates in this nomination were presented by the head of StPС-1 (Steel Wire Workshop-1), Evgeny Ragozik. He advised young people not to deviate from their goal under any circumstances.
The event ended with a festive concert and a photo session.
Byelorussian Steel Works, being the largest employer in the region of its presence, annually employs a large number of young specialists - more than 1200 have been hired by the enterprise over the past 5 years. In 2020, 122 young specialists were added to the plant's staff.

Laureates of the BMZ-2020 YOUTH AWARD
In the nomination "To the Steel Heights":
Maxim TARNOVSKY, operator of CCM-2, ESPC-1 (Melting Workshop-1);
Alexander EVTUSHKOV, foreman of EAF-1,2;
Dmitry SHEVTSOV, operator of the control station of TPC (Tube Rolling Workshop);
Sergey KONOVALCHUK, Leading Technologist, StPC-1 (Steel Wire Workshop-1);
Natalia TAMKOVA, foreman of the warehouse for finished products and packaging, StPC-2 (Steel wire Workshop-2);
Alexander ANDRUSEV, senior foreman at CROMC (Repair Workshop for Metallurgical Equipment);
Anastasia ANASOVICH, engineer of the planning and contracting bureau of UKS (Capital Construction dpt.);
Maxim SEDACH, foreman of the section, EnC (Energy Workshop);
Alexandra KRUPENKOVA, economist of USP (Sales dpt.);
Nikolay ORLOV, Deputy chief of TPC (Tube Rolling Workshop).
In "Breakthrough of the Year" nomination:
Petr NITSIEVSKY, leading specialist of StPC-2 (Steel Wire Workshop-2);
Alexey PRIKHODKO, metalworker;
Yulia BRUSHKOVA, specialist of the 1st category of UM (Marketing dpt.);
Pavel STANKO, master of industrial training at the Training Center;
Evgeny KHMELEVSKY, design engineer of the 2nd category of UpiR (Design and Reconstruction dpt.);
Alexander SHABEKO, foreman of hot rolling mill 320 SPC-1 (Steel Rolling Workshop-1);
Ekaterina SHAYTURA, Engineer of the OUK (Quality Management dpt.), Audit Group;
Mikhail KOVALEV, 2nd category software engineer;
Ivan ZUEV, Process Engineer, Research Center.
In "the Energy of Victories" nomination:
Natalya KOZINETS, operator of PU KC (Scrap Yard);
Nikolay DROBYSHEVSKY, 2nd category engineer at UORiTD (Arrangement of Repairs and Technical Diagnostics dpt.);
Marina ZINOVENKO, Controller of OTK (Technical Control dpt.);
Elizaveta GRINKEVICH, medical assistant doctor;
Anna PARUKEVICH, specialist of the group for the sale of waste products from ORPP (By-Product Sales dpt.);
Inga ISAENKO, storekeeper, SPC-2 (Steel Rolling Workshop-2);
Yuri SVISTUNOV, machine operator of cold-heading machines at StPC-3 (Steel Wire Workshop-3);
Andrey KOSTYUCHIK, foreman of StPC-1 (Steel Wire Workshop-1);
Irina OVSYANIKOVA, laboratory assistant for spectral analysis of Central Laboratory;
Roman SASNOVSKY, electrician, electrician service of SPC-1 (Steel Rolling Workshop);
Evgeniy KIRILYUK, operator of the pulpit at SPC-2 (Steel Rolling Workshop-2).