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Rolling Mill Shop No. 2 of BSW has produced 3 million ton of products

The 3 millionth ton of products has been produced in Rolling Mill Shop No. 2 of OJSC “BSW - management company of “BMC” holding”. "Jubilee" rolled metal products are wire rod of WA-1010 grade that will be sold to a customer in the Netherlands.

Rolling Mill Shop No. 2 has passed the significant production milestone on the eve of its 5th anniversary, which will be celebrated by the youngest division of the works on 25 September. Over the past time, RMSh-2 has mastered the production of the entire range of product mix provided for by the characteristics of the equipment. This involves a wide range of wire rod, rebar, long products in coils and bars, including those with special surface finishing and heat treatment. By the way, the manufactured products are in many ways unique for Belarus, since they have not been produced in the country before. The share of innovative products in the total shipment volume of the shop reaches 50%. These are mainly rolled products for the automotive industry made of medium and high carbon steel alloyed with chromium, manganese, nickel or molybdenum.

At present, up to 70% of the products manufactured in RMSh-2 are sold to the foreign countries. In January-August 2020, about 243 thousand tons of rolled products were exported for over $ 102 million. As to the geography of sales, products of the shop have been exported to 52 countries of the world over the 5-year history. Its main customers are in Europe. The top 5 importing countries include Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Israel and Ukraine. As part of the diversification of sales markets, supplies to Africa and Asia have also been organized.

There is a demand for rolled products manufactured in Rolling Mill Shop No. 2 in the domestic market, where about 150 thousand tons of these products are sold annually. Its key customers among domestic companies are OJSC “RMZ”, OJSC “MAZ”, OJSC “MTZ”, OJSC “Gomselmash” and OJSC “MPZ”.