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BSW increases the use of production capacities of its steel wire shops

As of August-end, OJSC “BSW - management company of “BMK” holding”, plans to produce and ship about 30 thousand tons of products in steel wire shops - steel cord and wire for various purposes. This is almost a third more than it was in May, when the global steel market saw a sharp slump in demand due to the coronavirus crisis.


The production of BSW steel wire shops, in particular the steel cord and bead bronze wire production, most of all felt consequences of the coronavirus crisis impact on the world economy. Due to the operation suspension of large European tire companies during the pandemic, consumption of these products has dropped sharply. However, at present there is a stable increase in the use of production capacities of BSW steel wire shops. If in the last spring month the production of steel cord was characterized by unusually low indicators for the works, then in June-July it increased by 117%, and by the end of August, compared to May, an increase of 150 percent is expected. Such dynamics, which can also be traced on the bead bronze wire, will allow the works to approach the same period of 2019 by the end of the current month.

 It should be noted that in August of this year, steel cord and bead bronze wire customers, along with contract volumes, placed additional orders for these products in the amount of almost 1000 tons. These are tire plants located in Serbia, Germany, Russia, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic. At present, the company's staff is working on fulfilling its obligations to customers.

 At the end of 7 months of 2020, BSW exported almost 1.2 million tons of steel products to 50 countries of the world. The leaders of its consumption are Russia, Germany, Israel, Lithuania and Poland.