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BSW operates routinely

OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" operates with full capacity utilization. Production schedule is being achieved in all transformation steps. Yesterday, according to morning updates on August 11, 7110 tonnes of steel was melted, which is 32 tonnes more than what had been planned. Rolling facilities performed positively, as well. Both Rolling shops fulfilled work order by more than 100 per cent. Pipe shop also performed according to what had been planned

As for steel cord & wire facilities: steel wire shops producing steel cord, bead wire and hose wire also hit the planned target. Production of steel cord in two steel wire shops is 215,9 t./ day, bead wire is 136,5 t., hose wire is 41,7 t. which is according to daily average output. On August 10 Steel wire shop No. 3 shipped 630 tonnes vs. planned 598 of steel wire.

As Dmitry Korchik (general director) noted: starting from beginning of the month steel products have been produced with ‘plus’ tendency in all transformation steps. The same regards shipping. Within 10 days in August – when the plan was 50 433 tonnes - 57 492 tonnes of metal products were shipped to customers. Figures indicate that BSW will meet its obligations in August in front of clients.