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Celebration in honor of the best workers and performances of record holders of Guinness Book of Records: Steel Worker Day was celebrated at BSW

The team of the leading Belarusian steel works celebrated their professional holiday with traditional events and the opening of an up-to-date workout ground.

On July 17, the Steel Worker Day was traditionally opened by the ceremony of laying flowers to the memorial board named in honor of D.L. Akopov, a landmark place for steel workers, where Dmitry Korchik, General Director of OJSC “BSW - management company of “BMC” holding”, awarded young people who showed their worth in the scientific-technical, sports and social life of the company.

Further, the festive events moved to the Steel Worker Culture Palace, where an updated Board of Honor was opened and workers were awarded with BSW diplomas and by the primary trade union organization of the company.

On the same day, a gala night dedicated to the Steel Worker Day took place. Among the guests of the holiday, who warmly congratulated the company workers and presented awards, were Chairman of the Council of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus Natalya Kochanova, Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus Petr Parkhomchik, Chairman of the Belarusian Trade Union of Industrial Workers "BELPROFMASH" Nikolay Kovalchuk, Chairman of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee Gennady Solovey, Chairman of the Zhlobin District Executive Committee, Ivan Naumenko. All of them thanked steel workers for their work, wished prosperity and success to the Byelorussian Steel Works.

As part of the gala night, a ceremony was also held to enter new names into the company's Book of Honor. Such an honor was awarded to the diesel locomotive driver of the railway shop Sergey Rozhkov and the head of the instrumentation and automation department Viktor Komisarchik. The new heroes of the Book of Honor were personally congratulated by General Director of BSW Dmitry Korchik.
The program of the day ended with a concert, which was organized on the stage at the Steel Worker Culture Palace, and with the action "Let's sing the company's anthem together".

On July 18, after the traditional festive fanfare of a brass band, a track and field race called “Works five” started in the Works districts in Zhlobin. 117 healthy lifestyle enthusiasts took part in the competitions, held in several age categories. By the way, the age of the most experienced race competitor is 76 years old!!!

In the afternoon, a real competitive event took place on the square near the Steel Worker Culture Palace. Everyone had the opportunity to test themselves for strength, as sports grounds were equipped for every taste. Intellectuals could compete in the chess and checkers tournament. Everybody could demonstrate their endurance and physical qualities in the weight lifting competition. Streetball, basketball (free throw) matches, and darts were held on the grounds. For the youngest residents of Zhlobin, an interactive program called "Merry Weekend" was organized. One of the most spectacular events of this day was an entertainment and game program called “Family Parade”.

On July 19, a grand opening of an up-to-date workout ground took place in Zhlobin. Construction of such a training complex in the town is the result of a successful synthesis of a public initiative and a social position of the company. The idea of creating the ground was proposed by Nikita Samsonov, a leading engineer of the technological development department of BSW. The company management decided to support it. Since it was on the eve of the 35th anniversary of BSW, the company asked its business partners to refrain from traditional gifts that usually replenish the exposition of the Works museum, and, if possible, to take part in the implementation of the company's project. 11 business partners responded to the proposal of steel workers. The funds raised, which are more than 30 thousand euros, were used to purchase a special coating and complexes of various parallel, horizontal and monkey bars as well as ladders.

After the ceremony, performances and master classes of representatives of the Belarusian Street Workout Federation, record holders of Guinness Book of Records, took place at the new sports complex.