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BSW is recognized as the best exporter of 2019

OJSC “BSW — management company of “BMC” holding” became the winner of a competition "Best exporter of 2019" in category "Metallurgy". This victory has been awarded by Belarusian chamber of commerce and industry for the sixth consecutive year.

   Recognition at national competition is the result of hard work of the entire team of Byelorussian Steel Works.  Owing to coordinated work of the team, BSW exported 2.2 million tons of steel products to 65 countries in 2019. The company has not only maintained its presence in traditional markets, but also expanded them. Thus, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Libya, Uganda and Haiti became new countries (where products were not delivered for 5 years or more). Last year, BSW was also able to enter the markets of Japan, Hungary, Serbia, the Ukraine, Algeria, Ghana and Iraq with new types of products. In regional distribution of the plant's export, leading positions were taken by the Russian Federation, EU and Africa. It is worth noting that the plant increased deliveries to African continent by 80.8% in physical terms and by 53.4% in value, expanding geography of sales to 16 countries. Speaking about BSW sales by country, TOP 5 key importers of Zhlobin steel products include Russia, Germany, Egypt, Lithuania and the Netherlands, with Israel on the 5th line.

   According to the results of four months of 2020, BSW despite external factors related to pandemic, sold more than 717 thousand tons of steel products for export to 48 countries. In the regional context, there is redistribution of some volumes from Africa and the Middle East to European market. Export of the plant’s products to Austria, Spain, Poland, Romania, Finland, France and Switzerland increased by more than 50% in terms of volume and value compared to the same period in 2019. Compared to the previous year, sales in the United States, Singapore, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya and the Ukraine increased significantly. Speaking in terms of individual types of products, according to the results of work for January-April 2020, there is a decrease in consumption of steel cord and seamless pipes in foreign markets. At the same time, BSW increased export of coiled rebars by almost 25% in value terms, which was sold to Lithuania, the Netherlands, Serbia, Israel and the Ukraine.