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Primary trade union organization of BSW hit the podium of two national review competitions

OJSC «BSW – management company of «BMC» holding was announced as the winner of industrial stage of national review competition of Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus on saving of energy resources, raw products and materials for 2018-2019. Metallurgists were also awarded with the Third Place Diploma for the best performance of mass sports and physical-health-improving work in primary trade union organizations of “BELPROFMASH” trade union.

Work on improving of production energy efficiency at Byelorussian Steel Works is given one of the priority positions since its results have direct influence to product competitiveness. Thus 20 energy saving measures were implemented at BSW last year which gave ability to save fuel and energy resources in amount of 38 193 tons of standard fuel. Energy savings due to implementation of different kinds of actions in 2019 amounted to 6.9 million US dollars. Having said that implementation of projects that allow getting such high results not once brought the company to the victory of national competition "Energy Efficiency Leader". This success as well as recognition at industry review competition is the due of the whole plant team absolute majority of which are members of labor trade organization of BELPROFMASH sector of industry. 

 As for award for organization of mass sports and physical-health-improving work, it is also supported by specific results. In 2019 alone 180 different sports and physical-health-improving events were arranged for BSW employees and residents of the region. The plant and its trade union organization channeled more than one million rubles for this purpose. Plant employees also regularly take part in regional, national and international competitions of different kinds of sport.