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BSW image video wins a prize at the prestigious corporate video festival

Leaders of the 9th Moscow International Corporate Video Festival were named on March 17. The image video of the Byelorussian Steel Works has won in the special nomination “The Best Background Music and Sounds”.

The corporate video about steel worker profession, in which the leading part was played by an employee of BSW Steel-making Shop No. 2, was officially presented in July 2019. The PROMOFILM production studio was ordered to make this video by Byelorussian Steel Works. The famous filmmaker, Sergey Rybakov has run the project, Yevgeny Sukhovey has been involved in the sound design, and the famous theater and film actor, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Belyakovich, acted as an off-camera announcer.

It is worth noting that in November 2019, the BSW image video named “Tell Me” was awarded a special prize for the best video production in the steelmaking industry of the “Metal Vision’2019” contest, which took place as part of the international exhibition Metal-Expo’2019.