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The heroes of “Professional Olympus-2019” were named at BMZ

On February 27, employees and labor collectives were honored at the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant, which in 2019 showed the best results in work and public life. Awarding at the traditional “Professional Olympus” ceremony was held in 23 nominations, 3 of which were special.

Director General of the enterprise Dmitry Alexandrovich Korchik addressed the factory workers with a welcoming speech. He noted that 2019 was held at BSW under the sign of the 35th anniversary of the plant. The year is full, with vivid events, production achievements and victories in prestigious competitions.

   — We were able to ensure stable operation of the production and its optimal loading. According to the results of 2019, BSW produced the maximum volume of steel in the last 7 years - 2.6 million tons. The output of rolled products reached a record 2.3 million tons in the 35-year history of the plant. In total, with the results of other workshops, this allowed us to export metal products to the amount of 1.16 billion US dollars to 65 countries of the world, the head noted in his speech.— Last year went down in history and implemented social projects. We laid down a new alley in the town, held interesting public events, published books about BSW, attracted our partners to equip a modern workout site in the town.

   Dmitry Korchik congratulated all the Laureates and nominees of the Prize with a high assessment of their work and named the winners in the first nominations. Theheroesof“ProfessionalOlympus-2019” are:

1. "Production Leader"among the main workshops there is SWS-1 (the shop manageris Evgeny Valerievich Ragozik, the chair of the workshop committee is Irina Vladimirovna Antipova).

2. "Support Leader"among auxiliary workshops there is an energy repair shop (the shop manager is Vadim Anatolievich Lipsky, the chair of the workshop committee is Irina Ivanovna Loskova).

3. “Leader in Energy Efficiency” among the main workshops (energy saving) — SWS-1(the shop manageris Evgeny Valerievich Ragozik, the chair of the workshop committee is Irina Vladimirovna Antipova).

4. “Leader in Energy Efficiency”  among auxiliary workshops (energy saving) — department of energy (the shop manager is Denis Ivanovich Makarenia, the chairman of the workshop committee is Gennady Sergeyevich Kuzmin).
5. "Success of the year" (best leader) - head of the technical department Sergey Valeryevich Terletsky.

6."Discovery of the year" (the best young leader) - Denis Aleksandrovich Fomin, head of the metallurgical equipment repair department. The nominees in this category were also the head of the laboratory of steel cord and wire lab (research center-industry lab for metallurgical and steel wire technologies) -Timur Alfritovich Akhmetov and the deputy head of the workshop (production) of SWS-3 Maxim Failievich Zainullin.

7. "Start of the year" (best young specialist) - operator for control and measuring devices and automation of the 5th grade, railway workshop, Maxim Valerevich Andreev.

8. "Mentor of the year"— the foreman of railway workshop Vasily Vasilievich Gvozd.

9. "Foreman of the year"— Andrey Vladimirovich Sergienko, chief foreman of the heating devices section of the section-rolling department-2. The nominees in this category were also the foreman of the inspection center SWS-2 Lyudmila Ivanovna Beresneva and the foreman of the metallurgical equipment repair department - Dmitry Ksenzov.

10. “Professional of the year” — Yuri Nikolaevich Gerashchenko, operator of the control station of tube rolling workshop. According to the results of work in 2019, he three times became the winner of the production competition "Best in Profession". Alexander Anatolyevich Primak, operator of the SWS-1 management post, also became nominees in this category (according to the results of 2019, he was twice recognized as the winner of the “Best in Profession” production competitions) and SWS-2 galvanizer Andrey Pavlov (according to the results of 2019, he was twice recognized as the winner industrial competitions "Best in Profession")

11. In the nomination “Idea of the Year”, a leading authority in the development of metal production, Yuri Leonidovich Khudoley, , was recognized as the winner. Olga Aleksandrovna Shtarkina, planning engineer of the metal department,TD and Artem Leonidovich Artamoshin, leading planning engineer of the Information Center, also became nominees in this category.

12. In the nomination “Initiative of the Year”, Andrey Aleksandrovich Terebovets, steel caster of electro steelmaring workshop-1, was recognized as the best public labor safety inspector. The nominees for this category were SWS-1 equipment adjuster Zhanna Ivanovna Kizeeva and Veronika Shipitsa - head of the central pipes laboratory.

13.In the nomination “Leader of production” among unitary enterprises, the best unitary enterprise of 2019 was recognized “BMZ-Ecoservis” (director Alexander Alexandrovich Sosnovsky, chair of the shop committee Vitaly Nikolaevna Krivenok).
14. In the nomination “Professional of the year” among employees of unitary enterprises, the best professions were recognized: snack counter keeper at the cafe “Metallurg” of the unitary enterprise “Metallurgtorg” Tatyana Petrovna Rudinskaya, worker for washing and repairing uniform of the unitary enterprise “Metallurgsotsservis” Svetlana Kazankova, locksmith repair of agricultural machinery of the unitary enterprise "Paporotnoye" Sergey Grigoryevich Antonenko, the foreman of the masons of the Zhlobinmetallurgstroy unitary enterprise, Alexander Matveyevich Savitsky, the technical condition inspector of the mechanicals of the Metallurgtrans unitary enterprise, Filipp Vadimovich Ryabtsev, the operator of the control site of the crushing and screening plant for the sorting and processing site of the refractory scrap of unitary enterprise BMZ-Ekoservis - Maxim Anatolyevich Sidorov.

15."Athlete of the Year" — Nina Alexandrovna Tsydrenkova, inspector in the production of ferrous metals, finishing line No. 3 at the stock of wire rod of the technical control department. The nominees in this category were Oleg Gennadievich Sidorko, main specialist (on heat networks) of design and reconstruction department, and Alexander Sergeevich Zmushko, repairman at metallurgical equipment repair dep.

16.In the nomination “Talent of the year”, the best participant in amateur talent groups was recognized an electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment in the automation section of the electrician service Alexander Nikolaevich Polyak. The nominees in this category were the SWS-2 battery packer of the lifting and handling equipment and load-lifting machines of the metallurgical equipment repair dep, Alexander Griken and the nurse of medical department of the polyclinic, Elena Aleksandrovna Shevtsova.

17.In the nomination “Team of the Year” for the best structural unit of the plant for organizing ideological work, the winner was the SWS- 3 (the head of the workshop -Viktor Viktorovich Khodosovsky, the head of the outreach group -Maxim Failievich Zainullin).

18.In the nomination “Service of the year”, the winner is the canteen No. 1 of trading and production unitary enterprise, Metallurgtorg (manager Tatyana Bondareva).

19.“Leader of production among enterprises of the holding”: Open Joint-Stock Company “Beltsvetmet” (director - Stepanyuk Nikolai Stepanovich) was recognized as the best enterprise of the BMC holding.

20.In the nomination “Professional of the year” among employees of holding enterprises, the best by profession were: electric welder of manual welding Vladimir Valentinovich Lagunovich, locksmith of mechanical assembly works Sergey Nikolaevich Ivanov, driver (Belvtorchermet) Evgeny Vladimirovich Protas, electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment (Beltsvetmet) Svetoslav Vyacheslavovich Volkovich, driver (Zhlobin quarry molding materials) Sergey Nicolaevich Baydakov, master of the forging and mechanical workshop (Kobrin tool factory "SITOMO) Zoya Fedosevich, clicker of insulating parts (Polesielectromash) Natalya Zanovik, grinder of the component shop (Minsk Bearing Plant) Oleg Olegovich Volk, turner (OJSC" Plant "Legmash) Nikolai Nikolaevich Arbuzov.


1.The nomination “Creative of the Year” was awarded the press secretary Alexander Yakovlevich Olesik and the designer Ekaterina Yurievna Usova, who are the authors and creators of the factory mascot Iskrik and a book for children about his adventures.

2. In the nomination “Social activity”, the winners were the leading engineer of the Bureau for Technical Development of the Management Company Nikita Alekseevich Samsonov and the head of the Bureau Sergey Anatolyevich Mozgov. Thanks to their initiative, a project for the construction and arrangement of a workout site was implemented in Zhlobin.

3.In the nomination “Energy of Victories”, the BSW volleyball team became the laureate, the captain of the team was electrical technician Andrei Valentinovich Zarubo. Team composition: А. Lazarev, V. Komarov, M. Konovalov, E. Kartashov, E.Proskurin, A. Kaban, I. Kovalenko, A. Tsupriyanov, A. Melnikov, B. Gushan.

We sincerely congratulate the winners and nominees! Never stop, continue to improve! Good health, happiness, confidence and a good mood!