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BMZ employee's son urgently needs help!

Dear colleagues, friends! The foreman of the shipment area of Pipe Rolling Shop, Chubarev Alexandr Petrovich, born in 1987, turned to the works management.

The guy got a job at Pipe Rolling Shop in 2011 after graduating from the Gomel Technical University. He has good references from his colleagues and managers.

In November 2018, Alexander had a son named Ilya, but when the baby boy was five months old he was diagnosed with a terrible disease - Wilms' tumor (a high-grade cancerous kidney tumor). After chemotherapy that did not help his right kidney was completely removed. Other types of treatment also failed. All possible treatment options for Ilya in our country have been exhausted. A computed tomography conducted on February 12, 2020 showed metastases in both lungs. San Joan de Déuhospital (Barcelona, Spain) agreed to help Ilya. But he can be admitted to the hospital only after the full payment on the invoice for diagnostic examination and treatment of Wilms' tumor (including surgical intervention) at a cost of 93,710.35 Euro. This is a huge amount, unbearable for a family. The clinic currently refuses to admit the baby with a partial payment.

The baby needs expensive treatment outside the Republic of Belarus. Charity Accounts opened at Branch 312 of

- Zhlobin, Uritsky St., 86; UNP 400230362; MFI AKBBBY21312:

- Belarusian rubles - BY22AKBB38193821184823200000 transit account to BY73AKBB31340000119263220042 charity unfixed account in Branch 312/42;

 - US dollars - BY85AKBB38193821197003200000 transit account to charity unfixed account BY58AKBB31340000119273220042 in Branch 312/42;

- Euro - B85YAKBB38193821197003200000 transit account to charity unfixed account BY43AKBB31340000119283220042 in Branch 312/42;

- Russian rubles - B85YAKBB38193821197003200000 transit account to the charity unfixed account BY28AKBB31340000119293220042 in Branch 312/42.

Purpose of payment: To be credited to the account of Alexandr Petrovich Chubarev for his son treatment, Ilya Alexandrovich Chubarev, outside the Republic of Belarus. Additional information about the recipient of funds on mobile phone 80291814044.

You can find further information on how to help at