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According to the results of the year 2019 BSW increased supplies to Africa by 80 %.

According to the results of the year 2019 OJSC “Byelorussian Steel Works – Management Company of “Byelorussian Metallurgical Company” Holding” dispatched to African countries more than 427 thousand tons of metal products in the amount of 167 million US dollars. The rate of growth relative to the previous year in natural units reached 180, 8%, in value terms – 153, 4 percent.

In regional distribution of BSW export in 2019 countries of the European Community and the Russian Federation were leading, Africa with a 14, 5 % share took the third place. In the past year, the Belorussian metallurgists soldthere mainly wire rod, building rebars and casting billets. Sales territory on the African continent amounted 16 countries, two of which - Kenya and Uganda, where wire rod was supplied for the first time, were new markets. More than half of the products which are sold by the Byelorussian Steel Works to Africa accrue to Egypt. The given country ranks among top 5 of the key importers of BSW metal products.

It is worth noting that 2019, as a whole, was characterized by a tense situation on the metal products market due to the existing protectionism and fall in price. Thereby, a decline in export prices for the preceding year averaged 69, 4 dollar/t. or 11, 4 % what, in view of reduction of  raw materials and resources costs only by 5, 5 %, significantly affected sales effectiveness. 

According to the results of 2019 BSW produced 2, 6 million tons of steel, 2, 3 million tons of rolled products, 120 thousand tons of pipes and 366 thousand tons of wire products (steel cord, bronze plated bead wire, hose wire and other types of wire). 2, 2 million tons of metal products in the amount of 1, 16 billion US dollars were sold for export to 65 countries of the world.  In the TOP – 5 of the key importers of metal products entered the enterprises of Russia, Germany, Egypt, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Israel.