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Partners of BSW contributed more than 31 000 euros for implementation of social project in Zhlobin

Such a gift was given to metallurgists as part of celebration of plant’s 35th anniversary by companies collaborating with BSW, management company of BMC holding. The allocated funds were appropriated for implementation of project for arrangement of workout sports ground in Zhlobin.

Year 2019 is the year of 35th anniversary of the plant. In honor of landmark event a number of different projects were implemented at the plant: reconstruction of events of the first pioneer heat was carried out, a talisman - a fairy-tale character Iskrik was developed, children's book on production was published as well as a book about people and history of BSW. One more important initiative of Beylorussian Steel Works was an appeal to business partners with a request to refrain from gifts that traditionally enrich the exposition of plant museum. Those wishing to congratulate metallurgists on 35th anniversary of BSW were invited to support the arrangement of workout sports ground in Zhlobin. By the way initiators of its creation and developers of the project are employees of the plant.  

   — Thanks to gifts of our partners an interesting exposition has already been formed at BSW museum. There are a variety of exhibits: from paintings and figurines to shark jaws and certificate confirming the presence of the star in constellation Orion named after our plant. Therefore preparing for 35th anniversary of plant we decided to support the idea which implementation could be a gift for all citizens of Zhlobin,” explained Alexander Malobitsky, head of BSW information, ideology and personnel development department.

   11 partner companies supported the proposal of Zhlobin metallurgists. Among them are suppliers, representatives of distribution network and consumers. They transferred more than 31 thousand euros to finance a project to equip a modern workout sports ground. Special coating and complexes of various parallel bars, horizontal bars, monkey bars and stairs will be purchased with these funds. What is especially important the sports ground design provides installation of equipment for people with impaired mobility.

   Team of Beyelorussian Steel Works sincerely thanks for support of social initiative its partners - WSteel, ОООNordmetall, OOO Kronos, OOO “Trade house BMZ”, ZAO “Trade House BMZ – BALTIJA”, Baltic shipping, Pisec Group Austria GmbH, RMZ Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Primetals Technologies, Belastahl Aussenhandel GmbH and Belmet Handelsges mbH.