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BMZ signed major agreements in Austria

In the framework of the Belarusian-Austrian business forum, “BMZ OJSC - managing company of “BMK Holding”” signed with Austrian partners major agreements on export deliveries for 2020. We are talking about the sale of more than 270 thousand tons of metal products worth about 100 million euros.

The agreements that BMZ signed with Belmet and Pisec Group companies include the shipment of Byelorussian metal products to Austria and the countries of the European Union. Mainly metal rolled and wire products will be exported. Separately, among these positions, structural rolled products can be distinguished, the production and marketing of which BMZ has significantly increased in recent years. This is a high-tech metal products, which is intended for such premium industries as for example the automotive one.
Byelorussian Steel Works and Austria have long-term partnerships that have lasted since the construction of the plant. Then, 35 years ago, an Austrian company acted as one of the key suppliers of equipment and technology. Later, she took part in many reconstructions and modernizations carried out at the enterprise.
Since BMZ entered export markets, the plant’s relations with Austria have become bilateral: the country has become for BMZ not only a supplier of equipment, but also a consumer of products. Just for the last 5 years, the plant’s export to Austria amounted to $ 32 million. It should be noted that BMZ is one of the main suppliers among non-EU suppliers of shipped types of metal products to the Austrian market.