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BSW employees earned two silver medals on WorldSkillsHi-Tech 2019

The Second Open Eurasian Championship within the frame of WorldSkillsHi-Tech2019, which was held in Yekaterinburg, was successful for the Belarusian team. Representatives of Belarus competed in three professions - “Laboratory and Chemical Analysis”, “Labor Protection”, “BIM design technologies”, and won silver medals in each of them. It is gratifying that employees of OJSC "BSW - management company of"BMC" holding" defended thehonour of the country in two of the three competences.

So, in the competence “Laboratory and chemical analysis” the second place won chemical laboratory assistant of the production of steel cord No. 1Ekaterina Gancharonak. Safety engineer of power supply shop Svetlana Buslenko demonstrated the same high result in the competence“Labor Protection”.

It will be recalled that employees of BSW also acted as experts in the asserted competencesin the Second Open Eurasian Championship within the frame of WorldSkillsHi-Tech2019. This important mission was entrusted tohead of a laboratory of the central laboratory of the works Tatyana Trukhanovich and head of the works bureau of the labor protection department Igor Kartash.

 “Very large-scale and inspiring competitions,” shared her impressions Tatyana Trukhanovich . - Of course, on the one hand it was easier for us than in 2018, when we participated for the first time, but on the other hand, organizers have significantly complicated the tasks this year. It’s nice that our competitors coped with them successfully.