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Belorussian metallurgists strengthen international ties.

The trip to Germany of students of Faculty of Mechanics and Technology of the Belarusian National Technical University is scheduled for May of present year and in June Belorussian delegation will take part in international forum of metallurgical and melting technologies to be held in Dusseldorf. The chairman of Association of Foundry and Metallurgists of Belarus, Anatoliy Savenok, general director of  OJSC «BSW – management company of «BMC» holding announced this at the board meeting.

At the board meeting of Association of Foundry and Metallurgists of Belarus which took place on the basis of Belorussian Steel Work the results of Association’s work over the past year were summarized and plans for 2019 were approved. Thus among the priority areas is work of international relations strengthening, experience exchanging including specialists training for the industry. Speaking of which representatives of Association of Foundry and Metallurgists of Belarus visited three universities of GB under the program BRIDGE in 2018 where they signed cooperation agreements with Belarusian National Technical University. Association took active part in different trade shows and congresses. This work will be continued in 2019.

  As the Deputy Chairman of Association of Foundry and Metallurgists of Belarus Evgeniy Marukovich noted at the meeting, the 27th International Scientific and Technical Conference ‘Foundry and Metallurgy 2019’ will be one of the key events of 2019 of the activity of Association which will be held on October 16-17. Traditionally this forum gathers hundreds of delegates from various countries. For example in 2018 the geography of conference participants was 17 countries. It is expected that in 2019 it will be held on a large scale too. The results of the modernization of metallurgical and foundry enterprises of Belarus will be reviewed, the reports on the promising areas of their development will be presented and laureates of Association will be awarded.