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BSW is ramping up export to Africa

This year OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" plans to increase its presence in African continent.According to updated info, in January-February 2019 dispatches to African countries, which increased several times both in physical and monetary terms, exceeded 57 thou. t., which amounts approx. 15% oftotalexport.

So to solidify this result, in early March BSW hosted meeting with potential customer from Senegal. Time and quantity of the first deliveries and possibility of export expansion to Niger, Chad, Mali and Mauritania were discussed at the meeting.

   It should be noted that 2016 - 2018 BSW had already solidified its presence in African continent. So, in 2016, 89 thou. t. of metal products were dispatched to Africa, in 2017 — 209 thou. t., in 2018 — 236 thou. t. New countries are among customers: Algeria, Cameroon, Mali, Sudan, Chad, Ethiopia. In total in 2018 African geographic scope was composed of 14 countries.

   BSW has been supplying to Africa since 1998. The first countries consuming Byelorussian steel products were Egypt, Cameroon, Morocco and Tunisia. Initially, concastbilletwasmostlydeliveredtoAfrica. Now, considering ambiguous situation in global market of steel, this region is seen by the plant as an alternative to supply construction rebar and low carbon wire rod.

   Updates: in January-February 2019 BSW exported more than 371 thou. t. of steel products to 43 countries.