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BSW commissioned a new machine producing large size steel cord

March 1st: new machine producing steel cord for large size and super large size tyres was commissioned in steel wire shop – 2 (OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding"). New equipment of Italian company ‘GCR’, procured with assistance of republican innovation fund, will extend size range of this product and increase its output.

Steel cord for large and super large tyres, of higher strength by means of big number of twisted brass plated filaments, — their number can vary from 49 to 190 pcs. — BSW produces only in steel wire shop № 2. Its key consumer is Belshina. Production of 9 constructions of steel cord were mastered by BSW on request of Belshina, another 5 are produced for foreign companies. In total in 2018 BSW dispatched 256t. of steel cord for large size tyres and super large size tyres. Along with deliveries to domestic market, this product was exported to Russia, Germany, Czech Republic and France.

   Newequipment, investmentsmadeamountapprox. Euro 500 thou., would enable BSW steel cord & wire production to hit two important targets. It would increase size range of steel cord for large size tyres and super large size tyres several times: by end of 2019 the plan is to master 8 trial constructions. As it would not be required to re-design the equipment because of new constructions, then production in another similar cabling machine will be increased. By the way, now orders for steel cord for large size tyres and super large size tyres substantially exceed production capabilities of BSW.

   Steel cord is the most science intensive and costly product, produced by BSW. Production of this product started Nov. 21st 1987. Summarizing the results of past year BSW dispatched more than 91 thou. t. of this product to consumers in 18 countries.