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Consumers of BSW products showed max. Net Promoter Score to the plant

Based on the survey, customers of OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" demonstrated  Net Promoter Score to Byelorussian producer of steel products in 2018 as 81,4 per cent. This is the highest level for recent four years during which BSW monitors this parameter.

In 2018 the survey was responded by approx. 150 different companies consuming BSW products, based in Europe, North and South Americas, Asia, Africa, Middle East and CIS. 83% of responders said they would recommend BSW as a company to collaborate with, 5,5% were neutral, only 1,5% responders gave critical remarks regarding collaboration with the enterprise.

For BSW, as an export-oriented enterprise, desire to satisfy customers’ requirements as much as possible is an important element in building a sales policy. In 2019 this activity will continue, on the basis of customer’s needs, focus on convenience and communication and, which is important, reduction of expenses for buyers of Byelorussian steel rolled products.

   In 2018 BSW exported to 66 countries more than 2,026 mln. t. of products to the amount of more than USD 1,25 bln. Export growth rate vs. previous year in in physical terms is 106,9%, in money terms is 125,9 per cent.

   Net Promoter Score shows commitment of customers to the goods or the company and their readiness to collaborate again. So to assess Net Promoter Score, a customer is requested to answer the following question ‘How probable do you recommend our company/ goods/ brand to your friends/ mates/ colleagues?’ and scale from 1 to 10, where 0 to 6 is critical, 7 to 8 is neutral, and 9 to 10 means ‘I will recommend for sure’. Index is calculated as follows: number of critical responds is subtracted from all positive responds.  The received figure is divided by total number of responders in the survey. According to the methodology, rating above 50% means high level of loyalty. By the way, the lowest level for BSW used to be 80 per cent.