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BSW will hold republican seminar for harmonization of international standards for Byelorussian mechanical engineering sector

In 2nd half of February OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" will hold republican seminar ‘Prospects for mechanical engineering enterprises in Belarus to use hot rolled round bars produced by BSW considering harmonization of international standards’. Representatives from state administration and scientific organizations as well as managers of mechanical engineering companies will participate in the large-scale forum.

The standards harmonization project is foreseen by national science & technical programme ‘Mechanical engineering & technologies’. It is performed by Byelorussian Steel Works and the Physical-technical institute of the national academy of sciences of Belarus. Key target here is for mechanical sector of the country to use steel rolled product which meets harmonized international standards ISO 683-1,2,3:2018, but not national ones.

   For BSW, exporting more than 80% of its products, this change would make collaboration with consumers in domestic market much easier. Harmonization of standards would make it possible for steel-makers to extend casting sequence, which, in turn, would result in economic benefits. Thus, taking into account technological peculiarities of steel production, extension of casting sequence from one to four heats enables to decrease costs in the amount of approx. $30 thou. Harmonization of standards would be of benefit also for Byelorussian consumers of rolled product. Along with the material matching European requirements, this would also help them to create more flexible relations with BSW in terms of quantities and prompt completion of an order.

   It should be noted that in 2018 BSW dispatched more than 4,5 thou. t. of rolled product to Byelorussian mechanical engineering enterprises, of steel grades in line with European standards, which is already nearly 12 times more vs. 2017. Key consumers here are Gomselmash, products were also dispatched to BELCARD, Borisov plant Avtogydrousilitel, Saleo, Gomel plant of casting and normals, etc.

   Byelorussian Steel Works started entering actively the global market of rolled product for automotive sector after Rolling shop-2 had been put into operation in 2015. Only in 2018 the plant increased sales of these products to foreign countries by more than 70%. Within this time the enterprise was homologated by more than 25 large companies. By the way, presently, components for such famous auto makers as DAIMLER, BMW, VW, FIAT, etc. are produced from BSW steel.