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Actually every second day in 2018 BSW was audited

50 external audits were conducted at OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding" in 2018: 35 among them were conducted by certification authorities, 15 by consumers of products. Preliminary, one can say that in 2018 BSW experienced 179 audit-days, which demonstrates a big range of products produced, large sales geography and consumer’s big interest in BSW.

Successfully passed audits in 2018 enabled BSW to obtain certificates of QMS conformity with standards (new versions of standards) as follows:

   — BS EN ISO 9001:2015 to produce concast billet, hot rolled bars for concrete reinforcement (Cares, UK);

   — ISO 9001:2015 to design, develop and produce concast billet, rolled metal, wire rod, seamless pipes, steel cord, wire and steel fiber (TUV Thuringen, Germany);

   — STB ISO 9001:2015 to act as a general designer, development of pre-project (pre-investment) documentation, development of sections of project documentation for construction facilities; performing the functions of a customer, developer, providing engineering service for comprehensive management of building activities and exercising technical supervision over construction activities;

   — STB ISО9001:2015 to design, develop and produce concast billet, rolled metal, seamless pipes, wire rod, steel cord, wire and steel fiber (National standard of Belarus);

   — API ISO 9001:2015 to design and produce line pipe, casing and tubing;

   The audits resulted in conformity certificates for production of:

   — hot rolled reinforcement bar В500C Ø 10-32 mm per SFS 1300:2017 standard (Finland);

   — hot rolled bars S400D Ø10-32 mm and S500C Ø10-36 mm and in coils of grades S400D and S500C Ø 8-16 mm in conformity with SI 4466-3-2013 standard (Israel);

   — hot rolled bars in coils of grade В500ВØ 8-14 mm in conformity with SIA 262-2013 (Switzerland);

   — hot rolled bars of grade А500СØ 8-40 mm in conformity with GOST 34028-2016 and GOST R 52544-2006;

   — deformed bars of grade 60[420] in coils (№ 3 and № 9.5М(9,5 mm); № 4 (12,7 mm); № 5 (15,9 mm)) and in straight length (№ 3 and № 9.5М(9,5 mm); № 4 (12,7 mm); № 5 (15,9 mm); № 6 (19,1 mm); № 7 (22,2 mm); № 8 (25,4 mm)) in conformity with NTC 2289, ASTM A706/A706M, directive № 186 of the Ministry of Industry & Tourism (Columbia) valid in inches and metric range of sizes (Colombia);

   — steel pipes, used as casing and tubing for wells in oil and gas sectors in conformity with GOST 31446-2017

   Last year the company extended scope of conformity certificates to produce hot rolled bars in coils Ø 8-16 mm grade В500ВØ 8-16 mm in conformity with SRPS EN 10080-2008.

   It is important that in 2018 BSW started certification for sustainable development, as a reliable supplier of construction products in conformity with British standard BES 6001 and Sustainable Constructional Steel scheme (SCS CARES). Now the company is waiting for the updates regarding issuance of the certificate of conformity.

Now BSW maintains 8 certificates of QMS conformity— ISO 9001, STB ISO 9001 (2 certificates, one of them relates to construction and design), BS EN ISO 9001, API Q1, IATF 16949:2016, AD 2000 W0+ Directive 97/23/ЕG — and more than 60 conformity certificates to produce different types of products.